The UK Conference and Meeting Survey 2017

For the past 24 years (since 1993), estimates for the size and value of the UK’s conference and meeting sector have been based on annual research undertaken among meeting and event venues, providing a supply-side perspective on this key part of the national economy.


In 2015 a new title was introduced, the ‘UK Conference and Meeting Survey’, designed to reflect more accurately the specific focus of the research. The ‘UK Conference and Meeting Survey’ (UKCAMS) complements annual research undertaken among conference and event organisers (ie. demand-side research) by CAT Publications which is published as the ‘British Meetings and Events Industry Survey’ (www.meetpie.com/bmeis).


The ‘UK Conference and Meeting Survey’ is carried out jointly by Tony Rogers of Tony Rogers Conference & Event Services and Richard Smith of RJS Associates. Tony has been involved with the research since its inception in 1993 and Richard since 2004.


Aims of the ‘UK Conference and Meeting Survey’ (UKCAMS)


The ‘UK Conference and Meeting Survey’ (UKCAMS) seeks to:


  • monitor and measure important characteristics of the UK conference and meeting market from a venue perspective
  • provide the best possible estimates for volume and value aspects of the market
  • identify current and emerging trends


Programme for the 2017 UKCAMS Research


The 2017 UKCAMS research will be undertaken as follows:


  • February 2017 – launch of the research
  • February – April 2017 – data capture period
  • May 2017 – data analysis and report writing
  • June 2017 – publication of the results and report


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